Maravilloso (Carlo Domeniconi, *1947)
Concerto op. 155 (Raffaele Calace, 1863-1934)
Tarantella op. 18 (Raffaele Calace, 1863-1934)
November Festival (Yasuo Kuwahara, 1946-2003)

Festivals are special periods in which everyday life comes to a standstill. Also Musical art invites you to linger in the room of sound without measurable time.

November is considered one of the gloomiest months of the year, comes the old year dying to an end. However, this is to-rest coming not also the expression of a force that is recovering, reviving?

The Japanese Composer Yasuo Kuwahara senses this incredible power of nature in his "Novemberfest", which gives the program its name.
He is accompanied from the late romantic and virtuoso music of the Neapolitan master Raffaele Calaces and the South American-inspired sounds full of surprises from Carlo Domeniconi.

Let the time end, let the festival begin!

Gioachino Rossini – Ouvertüre zu „La gazza ladra“
Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonate op. 6
Antonio Vivaldi – Concierto in C
Johannes Brahms – Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 5
Vittorio Monti – Czardas
Steve Reich – Electric Counterpoint
Thomas Allen LeVines – Daybreak on Lake Bosomtwe
Yasuo Kuwahara – Novemberfest