Plucked string music at the highest level!

This goal is to make Chordofonia a unique, top-class formation. For decades, the level of plucked string music has been steadily increasing. As with pianists and bowed-string players, an academic culture has developed among plucked-string players, which can be seen from the professionalism of music teachers up to the highest level in international festival and competition culture. However, the broad base that exists in the area of the mandolin and guitar orchestra still lacks a professional equivalent. What is needed is a model orchestra, which acts as a role model for the large number of amateur ensembles and thus fulfils an important role in the educational process as well as for the musical reputation of the genre.

With Chordofonia, an international top-class ensemble is now being created, which attempts to fill this gap and wants to further increase the reputation and the standard of plucked-string music at all levels. The ensemble is embedded in a centuries-long tradition, whose diverse manifestations should be brought more into the open. The diverse and high-quality original literature is little known as it is rarely mastered by amateur ensembles technically or musically, and will now be presented to a wider audience. In addition, the tradition should be guided by the assignment of commissioned compositions into the future. The previously unimaginable sonic possibilities, the flexibility and passion of the musicians should inspire young composers to realise innovative projects.

As well as classical works, the breadth of ancestry of the instrumentation offers the possibility of intercultural projects with instruments from various cultural backgrounds, such as the Arabic oud family. Furthermore, the ensemble is committed to overcoming the rigid genre boundaries and offers the opportunity through the use of instruments such as electric guitar and electric mandolin to play popular music. The ensemble is made up of internationally sought-after top musicians who between them have a multitude of awards and success in numerous renowned competitions.